Photo of Ee Von

Ee Von Goh

World Vegetable Center


    Ee Von Goh is a dedicated public health nutritionist currently serving at the World Vegetable Center. With a versatile professional background spanning commercial, research, and educational sectors, she brings a wealth of experience to her current role.

    Ee Von’s research interests are centered at the convergence of agriculture, nutrition, and health, with a distinct focus on nutrition-sensitive policies, sustainable diets and food systems, and food and dietary biodiversification for enhanced nutrition and planetary health. Her proficiency in system-thinking and adept navigation of the science-policy interface make her a valuable asset in contributing to mixed-method research, policy analysis, and stakeholder engagement.

    Ee Von is dedicated to translating research insights into practical policy measures and actionable strategies, reflecting her commitment to fostering positive change and sustainable development.

    Ee Von holds a Ph.D. in public health nutrition from the University of Nottingham.